A Late Fax Cost This Denver Bronco $8 Million And His Job

The agent for Denver’s star defensive end missed a key deadline and now Elvis has left the building.

1. Denver Broncos lineman Elvis Dumervil has made three Pro Bowls over six seasons and led the league in sacks in 2009.

Jack Dempsey / AP

2. He is also a bad, bad man. Just ask Tom Brady.

3. The only problem? Dumervil was slated to make $12 million this season and management wanted him to take a pay cut. Dumervil agreed to take $8 million, rather than risk being released.

Jack Dempsey / AP

4. All Dumervil’s agent had to do was fax the proper paperwork to the Broncos, who would have until 4 p.m. to get the agreement to the league office.

5. And, of course, the 4 p.m. deadline had to be met. The two sides agreed to the pay cut at 3:25 p.m.

6. Problem is, the Broncos never got the fax in time to forward it on to the league office by 4 p.m. So at 3:59 p.m., they were forced to cut Dumervil, or else his $12 million contract would’ve been guaranteed.

7. Dumervil’s fax did reach the Broncos by 4:06 p.m., but it was too late.

8. Here’s ESPN’s explanation of the whole sordid tale.

9. The bottom line is that Dumervil is now a free agent who can sign with whomever he wants. Maybe Oakland is his next stop.

Joe Mahoney / AP

10. Perhaps it’ll be Pittsburgh.

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

11. Minnesota could definitely use him.

Adam Bettcher / Getty Images

12. Our pick? Well, what Tom Brady wants, Tom Brady gets.

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