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Signs You're The Friend That Cooks

You love to cook for your friends, but when they 'return the favor' it can be a trying experience.

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You invite people over for dinner

and you've checked everybody's dietary restrictions

and you are -- literally-- the perfect host

You're so excited to cook for your friends

but want to show off your cooking skillz

Everybody is excited

You make dinner

and then desert

and even coffee!

Your friends got a great meal and they're all like

and you're just so happy they're happy

They invite you over to 'return the favor'

So you show up, maybe a week later, ready for Awesome Friend Dinner Pt 2

They pull out some spaghetti and a bag of frozen vegetables

They tell you about a new Mrs. Dash blend they intend on using

How it has a lot of flavor

After what seems like way too long to make pasta, it is time to eat:

and you try to stay coy

but on the inside, you're just like

But no matter what, you say:

You leave early

and binge on fast food on your way home. You're starving.

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