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The Sexiest Clean Shaven Celebrities

Men have facial hair; there’s nothing we can do about that. Well, actually, there’s plenty that can be done about it. All it takes is a good shave to transform Mr. Mountain Man into one of the sexiest men on earth. Now, there are a very few exceptions to this rule; like Tom Selleck. Remember him? He’s the one with the outrageously thick moustache. Unfortunately, it’s his trademark; like it or not. Once he shaved it off, he looked even more comical. But, most celebs look better clean shaven. Not sure about that? Just consider these clean shaven celebrities.

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Brad Pitt / Via

He’s easily regarded as one of the best-looking men in Hollywood – and fortunately – has the acting ability (and the wife) to match. For years he’s been categorically clean shaven, only occasionally changing it up for the camera. Of course, it can be a little tiring always being that good looking, so occasionally he grows a bit of a beard. And women worldwide breathe a sigh of relief as soon as he shaves it off. (Now that’s something to look forward to, right?)

Tom Cruise

Picasa / Via

This face is famously clean shaven, and we know it so well too. After all, it’s been splashed across tabloids from time to time ever since the Nicole Kidman days. Incidentally, if that’s the sort of beauty clean-shaven attracts, despite a relatively small stature, who are we to argue with that?

Ewan McGregor

Vimeo / Via

He’s the father of four now, but we still remember him from the Mark Renton days when he (rather carelessly) started breaking hearts. He has appeared from time to time with a beard in public, but the ladies vote for a clean-shaven Ewan; at best, they’ll allow him a little stubble. Anything else detracts from his smile.

George Clooney

Tumblr / Via

This long-time bachelor took his time finding love. But that doesn’t mean women weren’t falling all over this typically clean shaven actor. It’s a little difficult to believe that this humanitarian activist’s first film role was From Dusk Till Dawn, in which he played a character that’s about as far as you can get from his role in the ever popular ER.

Prince William

Tumblr / Via

We’re sure this young family man and heir to the throne only grows a beard to show that he can. We’re rather used to seeing him with a meticulously smooth face and we rather like it. And, the girls seem to appreciate it on his younger brother too. Then again, we rather miss his school boy locks that went ever so well with a clean shave.

Samuel L Jackson

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YouTube / Via

We’ve seen him with a moustache and beard, and it didn’t kill us (though his character in Pulp Fiction, where he had some iconic facial hair would have). But this actor has always looked so much more incredible when he’s clean shaven. We’re also a fan of the spectacles that he often wears. And, it should go without saying, his rather intense acting range.

Bruce Willis


Now, we know there’s no hair on his head, and we’re fine with that. However, it’s just plain strange looking when this celeb sports any facial hair at all. We’ll forgive him if he needs it to entertain us, but then it’s got to go.

Jude Law


Did you see when he had a moustache? That was an interesting moment in history; it is possible the tides fell out of sync when it happened. We know; when work calls, you do what you need to do, but it just seems plain wrong for Jude to have anything but a smooth face.

Daniel Craig


Every now and again it looks like he’s gone the weekend without shaving. Fortunately for the women, it doesn’t happen too often. He’d be unrecognisable with a beard – and we’re grateful we’ve never seen a picture of that (and we’re secretly hoping he uses a cut throat razor).

Hugh Grant

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YouTube / Via

Have you ever seen this rom-com megastar with facial hair at all? We’re not sure it’s ever happened. And, we’re good with that, obviously so are the women in his life – and they’ve been incredibly beautiful. Plus, he’s always been a bit of a grown up about his mistakes, so he hardly needs to prove his maturity by demonstrating his ability to grow facial hair.

Denzel Washington


We love the clean shaven look with a bit of a fro – and Denzel can pull it off like a champion. With numerous awards under his belt, this actor has grown a beard every now and again, but he doesn’t make a habit of it. He’s usually wearing a smile instead, which is pretty incredible for such a dramatic actor.

Pierce Brosnan


James Bond has to be clean shaven, right? It’s in the rules, isn’t it? And Pierce played it to perfection. And perhaps he’s always been in character; we’ve not really seen him with facial hair.... Well, there was that one time, but it was too disturbing; it’s been blocked from the collective memory (if only Google would do the same). He really shouldn’t be allowed to sport more than three o’clock shadow; even 5 o’clock is pushing it too far.

Traditional Shaving Company / Via

There is also an entire group of actors that are booked and styled with clean shaven faces, yet they rarely follow through on their down time. Yes, Leo, we're talking about you. James Franco, you're also on that list. What we're wondering is if you just embrace the full meaning of taking a break or if you're seriously flouting all the work that your stylists and directors have put into your image?