17 Things Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Hear (Ever Again)

You could read an article on relationships and discuss it with your girlfriends. Or you can read this, instead, and save your relationship.

1. “What does she have that I don’t?”

That’s a rhetorical question, right?

2. “I didn’t have time to cook today”

3. “How about going out with Mark and Lindsey on Saturday?”

4. “I’m still in love with my ex”

Easy there, tiger.

5. “You are not even capable of changing a light bulb”

This is how he sees himself around screwdrivers and hammers.

6. “You never make the bed”

He doesn’t know HOW.

7. “You never remember our anniversary”

You never remind him in advance.

8. “I want to go shopping this Saturday”

9. “I want to have a baby”

10. “Your mom gets on my nerves”

It’s HIS mom, you have no right to talk about her.

11. “It’s for me!”

He knows. It has already happened 3,678,450 times.

12. “I’ll be late again tonight, I’ve got work to do”

You have to remember that he exists, occasionally.

13. “You’re lazy!”

14. “OMG, I’m in love with Bradley Cooper / Brad Pitt / Ryan Gosling…”

Get a life.

15. “Are you still in love with me?”

16. “You promised we would watch Sex & the City tonight!”

17. “Can you buy me some tampons on your way home?”

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