15 Valuable Lessons The “Hitler Finds…” Videos Can Teach You About Life

Losing your temper…

1. 1. Won’t bring your childhood back

Remember, if you’re naughty, Santa won’t bring you a present for Christmas.

2. 2. Nor your loved ones

3. 3. Will make your friends turn their backs on you (eventually)

And they will do it when you most need them.

4. 4. Won’t get you into the college of your dreams

But you may qualify for the Apprentice.

5. 5. Won’t help you win the love of your life

6. 6. Doesn’t make you look cool. In any language…

7. 7. Doesn’t make you unique

8. 8. Doesn’t change who you are

It just makes it even more obvious…

9. 9. Won’t make up for all the stupid things you’ve done

10. 10. Won’t solve any of your problems

11. 11. And that includes family issues, as well

12. 12. Won’t help you win a bet

Studying might.

13. 13. Won’t help you come to grips with technology

If you are having a hard time, try this instead.

14. 14. Doesn’t make you as cool as Chuck Norris

This could.

15. 15. Won’t make teens’ taste in music any better

Or Justin Bieber more bearable.

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