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Superhero Literature 101

Remember those classics you read for school? Me neither. But they're much better with superheroes!

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Super Expectations


In 1812, the orphan Kal-El encounters an escaped convict named Lex Luthor, who scares him into stealing food for him and using his heat-vision to melt his shackles. Young Kal-El then meets the wealthy spinster Miss Kent and her adopted daughter, Lois Lane, with whom he falls in love. He begins apprenticing at Perry White's print-house, however, Kal-El soon falls ill with kryptonite poisoning and must accept an offer by a mysterious benefactor to move to Metropolis and become a reporter for the Daily Planet, in exchange for a cure. When the benefactor, revealed to be Lex Luthor, is captured and sentenced to death, all hope seems lost. Miraculously, Perry White takes over the Daily Planet and nurses Kal-El back to health. He and Lois Lane reunite after the death of her husband, with a promising future ahead.

Emma Frost


Although convinced that she herself will never marry, Emma Frost, a precocious, telepathic mutant, fancies herself quite the matchmaker. When she attempts to find an eligible match for her friend, Rogue, suspicion, intrigue, and misunderstandings ensue. She persuades Rogue to turn down the affections of a local pickpocket named Gambit, for whom she clearly has feelings, and to pursue the town vicar, Nightcrawler. Complicating things is Mr. Summers, a friend of Emma's family who views her matchmaking with a critical eye. All of Emma's plans go awry when Nightcrawler reveals that his true affections are for her, and feeling spurned, he leaves to join Excalibur. Emma comes to realize that she is actually in love with Mr. Summers, but so is Rogue! However, Gambit returns and asks for Rogue's hand in marriage, paving the way for Mr. Summers to declare his love for Emma. The two couples marry in a joint ceremony at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

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