Foods You Didn’t Know Were Aphrodisiacs

Looking to spice things up in your relationship? No worries; you don’t need any of those fancy oysters and other expensive aphrodisiacs.

1. Slim Jims

Ever noticed how snapping into a Slim Jim makes you want to jump between the sheets? It’s because mechanically separated chicken is suspected by unlicensed sex therapists and ConAgra executives to be a potent enhancer of libido. The phallic nature of the meat snack doesn’t hurt either. Nor does the term “meat snack.”

2. McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes

A seasonal delicacy, the Shamrock Shake contains green dye comprised of yellow 5 and blue 1. It’s common knowledge that “green” is synonymous with “horny,” so it’s no surprise that the McDonald’s Corporation is responsible for 5% of babies conceived during the month of March.

3. Cold Chick-fil-A Waffle Fries

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