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10 Superhero E-Bloopers And Super Social Media Fails

When superheroes start tweetin' and facebookin' their every move, there's bound to be some collateral damage!

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1. Dr. Manhattan's Sexting Mishap


Dr. Manhattan thought that texting a picture of his impressive azure dong to Silk Spectre would be a killer idea. However, when he accidentally sent the image as a group text to his entire address book, the big blue guy turned red with embarrassment.

2. Batman's Twitter Fail


Batman's lewd tweet, "Dude. Did you see those perky kitty-titties on Catwoman today? ME-f*cking-OW!" was meant to be a DM to Alfred. The tweet sparked a catty twitter war between the rival superheroes.

3. Aquaman's Facebook Faux Pas


Aquaman wrote the incendiary status: "I hate fish. Fish can blow me! Fish can blow me and then make me a sandwich! A TUNA sandwich!" at midnight on a Wednesday after having one too many at a local dive bar. Aquaman deactivated his Facebook page the morning after.


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