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    • erict24

      So…let me get this correct. You want me to feel bad for you and your “regret” and feeling bothered by things that “haunt” you. Well, I don’t. I hope you feel awful for the absolute rest of your life, day after day after day. It’s because of actions like yours that made my journey as a gay man more difficult. You certainly didn’t seem to be so upset as you were meeting with the President of the United States to LIMIT my freedoms. You didn’t seem upset during the YEARS you were doing “conversion” therapy. You didn’t seem upset painting the picture of gay men as pedophiles, hiding in parks and public restrooms waiting to kidnap and molest children.  It’s because of people like you that made my life a living hell growing up in the deep South. However, Alan, I will tell you this. My determination to be myself and to say “no” to those people like you that wanted to put me in the back of the bus, made me a beacon of hope for other gay men. I know my strength to stand up and fight back gave others the courage to be themselves. I know that by facing the headwind of shit you slung my way allowed others to have a calm space behind me and feel supported in being themselves. My ability to take everything you could sling at me and still stand proudly allowed the next generation of children to have an easier way than me. So, Alan, fuck you, you ignorant, closeted faggot. Just because YOU want to hide behind the facade of turning straight and be in a happy heterosexual marriage does NOT make you heterosexual. It actually makes you a very sad, twisted person.

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