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"Shadow Of Mordor" Teaches Us How To Resolve Conflicts Peacefully

In Middle Earth they don't call it "getting centered," they call it "getting middled."

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Warner Bros Shadow of Mordor is a game about peacefully resolving conflicts with folks from other cultures.

Warner Bros Interactive

Follow these tips to resolve your conflicts mindfully and peacefully, Middle Earth-style.

1. Talk Through Your Issues Face To Face

Warner Bros Interactive

It's easier to remember that you're arguing with an actual person if they are right there in front of you.

2. Stay Grounded

Warner Bros Interactive

Remember that arguments are won by logic, not emotion.

3. Don't Fan The Flames Of Conflict

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You're not here to fight. You're here to find solutions that work for everybody.

4. Take A Step Back

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Try to get some perspective on the conflict by viewing it as if from a distance.

5. Stay Off Your High Horse

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Condescension is the #1 way to make an argument last longer. Avoid at all costs.

6. Confront One Issue At A Time

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Multiple issues = confusion. Confusion = frustration. Simplify.

7. Resist The Temptation To Go For The Throat

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We've all been in a situation where we can win an argument by getting hurtful, but is it more important to win the fight or to build consensus?

8. Don't hit below the belt.

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Keep it civil. Keep it pithy. Burning bridges is always a bad idea.

9. Never Lose Your Head

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Stay calm. When you raise your voice, lower your chances of a mutually beneficial outcome.

And, finally, when the argument is settled, always make a peace offering

Warner Bros Interactive
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