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    13 Ways Endorphins Make You Act Tipsy

    Because nothing says happy hour like a jar of sweat.

    1. You Become Very Opinionated

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    After leaving the gym, you're overly friendly with your opinions on just about everything. The world is your oyster and those endorphins have inspired you get out there and tell everyone about it.

    2. Everyone Is Your New Best Friend

    Gurl / Via

    It's like when you're at a bar and the girl standing in line for the bathroom suddenly becomes your new bestie because you wear the same brand of lipstick. Endorphins do the same thing -- they make you want to be friends with everyone because you're so high on life.

    3. Pain Doesn't Phase You / Via

    After a sweatastic hour at spin class, you're so hyped up on the feel goods that stubbing your toe or getting rammed in the shoulder by someone coming around the corner is easy to wave off.

    4. You Eat Carbs Like a Boss

    Tumblr / Via

    Just like when you've got a buzz, the post-workout carb craze hits you hard -- and you don't care who knows about it.

    5. You Feel Like You Can Conquer the World

    Tumblr / Via

    Suddenly, you feel like you can ask for that raise at work, start writing the book you've been thinking about or train for a marathon. Everything seem possible when the buzz of endorphins are crowding your brain.

    7. Suddenly...OMG, I Love This Song! / Via

    Picture this: You jump in your car after an awesome workout and "Pour Some Sugar on Me" comes on the radio. Normally, you'd switch the station -- but you're high on endorphins buddy and now it's time to roll down the windows and turn it up!

    8. Handing Out Favors Galore

    Giphy / Via

    You feel extra generous. Endorphins make you ready to help everyone -- so you cover lunch with your friend, give dollars to everyone who asks and pay for the lady behind you at Starbucks. If life feels this good, why not share the love?

    9. No Filter For You!

    GIFs for RPG / Via

    You hop out of CrossFit and the next thing you know, you're telling the grocery cashier about your last break-up and how he wasn't good enough for you anyway. She doesn't care -- but you don't care that she doesn't care -- you're drunk on endorphins!

    10. You Think of a Ton of Brilliant Ideas

    Unlocking Kiki / Via

    You can solve all of your problems -- and some of the world's -- if you just have a piece of paper to write it all down. Where did this brilliant mind come from? Endorphins are awesome!

    11. You're Also a Great Therapist

    PopSugar / Via

    You think you can talk anyone through their deepest problems. Your wisdom is at its peak right after you go for a run!

    11. You're Trying to Convert Everyone to Your Thing

    Tumblr / Via

    Zumba is so great...that's why you feel so awesome -- so you need to tell everyone see about it -- it's changed your life! You should try -- but try at least two or three classes to make sure you give it a fair shot! Endorphins are amazing!

    12. Ridiculously High Self-Esteem

    Tumblr / Via

    You have no problem feeling like you are pretty damn awesome -- and everyone else ought follow suit!

    13. You'll Take On Anyone, Anywhere

    PlayBuzz / Via

    Your confidence is soaring so of course you'll accept that dare to go skydiving next week -- or race carts through the parking lot at Harris Teeter...

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