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    Posted on May 15, 2013

    10 best and worst cities for interracial relationships

    Interracial Dating has gotten easier over the decades, and MOST places you go with your rainbow partner won’t get you chased out of town by an angry lynch mob. But some places in the U.S. just seem to be a bit more open–or downright blase–about interracial partnerships, while others are…well…a bit more conservative, or downright hostile. If you’re looking to get your swirl on, keep it on, and then set some roots, you might want to survey these top spots.

    10 best/worst cities for interracial couples


    1. San Francisco, CA

    2. Seattle, WA

    3. Minneappolis, Mn (sp)

    4. Denver, Co

    5. Phoenix, AZ

    6. San Diego, CA

    7. Honolulu, HI

    8. New York, NY

    9. Los Angeles, CA

    10. Oakland, CA


    1. Birmingham, AL

    2. Detroit, Mi

    3. Philadelphia, PA

    4. Cleveland, OH

    5. Atlanta, GA

    6. Cincinnati, OH

    7. Pittsburgh, PA

    8. Jacksonville, FL

    9. Memphis, TN

    10. New Orleans LA

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