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13 Recipes On Pinterest That I've Actually Made That Are Delicious And Easy

We all know we've tried some recipes on pinterest that have been hard and epic fails. These are not. Highlight links to get to the recipes or click the links under each photo.

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7. Two Timin' Pasta


This is the best of both worlds in pasta and you can add meat if you want a little more sustenance in your meal. My husband prefers it with but I'm all about less lol.

4. Kilebasa Potato Skillet


I cheated on this one and got breakfast frozen potatoes and skillet ready peppers and onions. All I had to do was cut my kielbasa and throw it all in the skillet for as long as the potatoes needed.

3. Chicken Tortilla Soup


This one is super easy because you throw it all in at once and an advantage is how good your house will smell.

2. World's Best Chicken


It says world's best chicken which is a little much but it really is pretty good and takes not time to prepare, which is my main objective with cooking.

1. Stuffed Shells


This recipe is the best thing I've ever made and it's a hit with everyone! It's a tiny bit time consuming to stuff the shells but in no way a pain.

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