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12 Time Rupert Giles Made Us Laugh

When he wasn't even trying to...

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12. Everytime he falls or runs into something.

11. When he thought we weren't being serious enough about the First.

10. When he got super drunk thanks to Spike's meddling.

9. When he was turned into a demon and gave in.

8. When he was super excited about Halloween.

7. When Giles and Spike thought they were father and son due to Willow's magic.

Quick hug lol!

6. When he and the other scoobies were scared of demons and vampires.

5. When he was seduced by a red convertible that he couldn't drive well.

And then Anya and Buffy destroy it haha!

4. When he was hopped up on magic chocolate and smarted off to the cops.

3. When he laughed at Buffy.

For sleeping with Spike.

2. When Willow made Giles blind with her will spell.

1. And finally when our brave watcher was scared by ghost Willow.

This gif will always crack me up!

Bonus from Tony's time on "Free Agents"

This show is worth checking out for all Anthony Head fans both the UK and US version.

And this dancing scene from "Imagine Me and You".

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