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    This On-Point Adele Dazeem Bio Is Sadly Fake

    Adele Dazeem, aka Idina Menzel, is returning to Broadway tomorrow in If/Then. A Playbill insert made the rounds today Travolta-fying Menzel's credits, but a rep for the show confirms it's not real.

    As we all now know, John Travolta famously mispronounced Frozen actress Idina Menzel's name at the Oscars.

    Yesterday, the Twitter account for Menzel's upcoming Broadway show tweeted this.

    You know her name! @idinamenzel stars in the new musical If/Then on Broadway starting March 5th.

    Then, earlier today, this image began making the rounds. It appears to be an insert from the Playbill of Menzel's forthcoming Broadway show, If/Then.

    At this performance... #idinamenzel #adeledazeem

    Eagle-eyed theater fans will note the credits play on Menzel's real-life career.

    "Moritz" is Maureen, Menzel's character from Nert aka Rent.

    Ephraima in Wicked-ly?

    More like Elphaba in Wicked.

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    And, of course, Farfignugen is the Oscar-winning Frozen.

    Unfortunately, BuzzFeed can confirm the bio isn't authentic.

    "I can confirm it's not a real insert – we don't start performances until tomorrow night," a rep for the show said.