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The Definitive Ranking Of All Of The Turtlenecks In "Love Actually"

Turtlenecks are all around us in this movie. I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.

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22. The "Sarah Needs A Confidence Boost" Turtlenecks

There are hideous butterfly brooches (her character was unfortunately fond of these on several outfits) and I'm not even sure WHAT to call that pattern .... Really, there are no words, but there is one thing we can learn from Sarah: Do not wear mud-colored clothing when you are madly in love with your sexy coworker.


18. The "My Friend Has Just Told Me He's Going to Wisconsin To Get Laid" Zip-Up Turtleneck Sweater


Comforting when you need to keep your sanity about you, but its reach is little more than functional.

17. The "I'm Going to Cheat On You As Soon As You Leave To Go To A Wedding" Turtleneck


As seen on Jamie's girlfriend. Plus points for oversized comforts. Minus points for the whole having-sex-with-his-brother thing.

16. The "Stripes Mean We Are Serious About Learning Another Language" Turtlenecks

Unclear whether there is scientific proof that stripes fuel brainpower, but these students in Jamie's foreign language class seemed to think so.


15. The "How Long Have You Been In Love With Karl" Pep Talk Mock Turtleneck


Suitable for moments when you're trying to figure out how long one of your employees has been in love with another of your employees.

12. The "I Am Going to Cheat On My Wife, Maybe" Black Turtleneck of Doom


Worn when Snape contemplates buying his slutty secretary a Christmas gift; black like his soul at this particular moment.

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