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The Definitive Ranking Of All Of The Turtlenecks In "Love Actually"

Turtlenecks are all around us in this movie. I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.

22. The "Sarah Needs A Confidence Boost" Turtlenecks

There are hideous butterfly brooches (her character was unfortunately fond of these on several outfits) and I'm not even sure WHAT to call that pattern .... Really, there are no words, but there is one thing we can learn from Sarah: Do not wear mud-colored clothing when you are madly in love with your sexy coworker.

21. The "Jamie Is Engaged And He Is Still Wearing A Poop-Colored Sweater" Turtleneck

20. The "Daniel's Depressed" Grey Turtleneck

It is heartbreaking what happened to Liam Neeson's character. But this baggy shirt will not get Claudia Schiffer to fall in love with you.

19. The "Generic Winter Wardrobe" Turtleneck

Seen here in three different forms during the school holiday pageant.

18. The "My Friend Has Just Told Me He's Going to Wisconsin To Get Laid" Zip-Up Turtleneck Sweater

17. The "I'm Going to Cheat On You As Soon As You Leave To Go To A Wedding" Turtleneck

16. The "Stripes Mean We Are Serious About Learning Another Language" Turtlenecks

Unclear whether there is scientific proof that stripes fuel brainpower, but these students in Jamie's foreign language class seemed to think so.

15. The "How Long Have You Been In Love With Karl" Pep Talk Mock Turtleneck

14. The "Daniel Is Slightly Less Depressed" Turtleneck

13. The "Covert Eavesdropper" Turtleneck

12. The "I Am Going to Cheat On My Wife, Maybe" Black Turtleneck of Doom

11. The "I Really Want to Watch Jamie's Proposal" Turtleneck of Hopeless Romanticism

Green is the color of love, not envy, in the case of this woman who happily marched at the front of the crowd to Aurelia's restaurant.

10. The "Grown Men Wear Sea Colors" Turtlenecks

This may, in fact, be the same turtleneck in two different colors.

9. The "Uncle Jamie's Here!" Turtleneck

8. The "Hi, Karl" Turtleneck Sweater

7. The "Nativity Scene DIY Costume" Turtleneck

6. The "Jamie Only Packed One Turtleneck To Mend His Broken Heart" Grey Turtleneck Of Dispair

No, but really.

5. The "Sigh, Mia" Black Turtleneck

4. The "I Am Naked in Every Scene Except Two, And For Those, I Wear Pink" Turtleneck

It is quite flattering, however.

3. The "I'm Claudia Schiffer And I Look Brilliant In Everything, Especially Thick Woolen Layers" Blue Turtleneck

2. The "This Precious Angel Just Wants You To Sing Her Christmas Carols" Turtleneck

1. The "My Best Friend's Wife Just Realized I'm In Love With Her, So Now I'm Going to Zip Myself Into a Turtleneck of Humiliation" Turtleneck

To me, you are perfect.

Thanks to Brittany, Kelsey, Jess, and Anna Marie for helping catalog the turtlenecks.