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    John Green Reveals "The Fault In Our Stars" Could Have Had A Very, Very Different Ending

    Instead of all of the tears, you could have had... narco-terrorists! Spoiler alerts, obviously.

    In a recent interview, John Green talked about the "epically terrible" ending he originally wrote for The Fault in Our Stars.

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    Here's the breakdown Green shared with Nat Wolff (who plays Isaac in the movie) standing by: "[After Augustus dies], Hazel and Van Houten decide that they want to honor Augustus by finding a way to die in a sacrificial way that reflects something about who he was, and so they decide they were going to find a drug lord and kill him even though they themselves will die in a hail of bullets from all of the security around the drug lord."

    Like all of us, Wolff couldn't believe Green was telling the truth. But he says this really happened!


    Green says sent his editor a draft with that ending. She read it, then called him and said, "The last 40 pages, I can't tell if you're kidding."

    Thankfully he eventually wrote the (heartbreaking) ending we all know and love.

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    Watch the whole thing here:

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