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16 Videos That Prove College Basketball Fans Are Crazy

College basketball takes over the month of March - and it gives everyone a reason to act like a crazy person. Here are 16 of the craziest fan moments from the top teams.

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1. Louisville Cardinals

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These Louisville fans made a video of their one Christmas wish (antlers and all) - for the team to beat Kentucky for once.

2. Duke Blue Devils

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This Duke fan - now known as "Speedo Guy" - strips down at games to distract players on the other team. Here's his strange, strange story of why he decided to start wearing Speedos to games.

3. Michigan Spartans

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Senior players prove that they really love Michigan by kissing the mid-court Spartan.

4. Saint Louis Billikens

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Saint Louis scored a huge 75-58 win over Butler and fans rushed the court in celebration.

5. Kansas Jayhawks

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Throwing seat cushions is cool, right? Kansas fans decided to toss their seat cushions to celebrate their Final Four win over Ohio State in 2012.

6. Georgetown Hoyas

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President Obama shows up to a lot of Georgetown games and even gave commentary during a game in 2010.

7. Florida Gators

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The final seconds can be the most important, and Gator fans got to spend the final seconds of this game counting down to the team's NCAA Championship win in 2007.

8. Michigan Wolverines

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A one-point win is so fitting for the two biggest teams in Michigan. On the March 3, 2013 matchup, Michigan beat Michigan State at home by just one point and fans rushed on to the court to celebrate.

9. Indiana Hoosiers

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Indiana beats #1 Kentucky at the buzzer!

10. Miami Hurricanes

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Ever wondered how Miami fans start a game? This is how.

11. Marquette Golden Eagles

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Marquette made it to the Sweet 16 in 2011 for the first time ever - These fans made a video to chronicle their night of welcoming the team home after their huge win.

12. Syracuse Orange

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Student sections are crazy because students are crazy when they're cheering for their team. Here's the view from the Syracuse student section when #4 Syracuse played #7 Georgetown in 2010.

13. Gonzaga Bulldogs

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Fans have to warm up before the game, too - Gongaza's student section, The Kennel, practices being loud and obnoxious before every game.

14. Ohio State Buckeyes

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#15 Ohio State delivered a huge upset for #2 Michigan. Teams at the top can't stay undefeated forever! This game sealed Michigan's first loss of the season.

15. New Mexico Lobos

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A fan section called The Pit is intimidating enough even without all the yelling and screaming! We've got our fan section name winner right here.

16. Kansas State Wildcats

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Teams from the same state always have the biggest battles. This time, K-State ended its losing streak against KU and the floor immediately turned into a sea of purple. (Skip to 7:30.)


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