16 Baby Animals To Brighten Your Day

Because it’s almost springtime and we could all use more cute animals in our lives.

1. Puppy in a cup!

New Girl, anyone?

2. Baby zebra!

So cute and awkward!

3. Puppy bites

Because what’s cuter than puppy cannibalism?

4. Helpful puppy

“I just want to help, human!”


Holding trunks omg!


If this doesn’t scream springtime, I don’t know what does.

7. Awww, otterly adorable!

8. The cutest skunk you’ll ever see

Who knew skunks could be cute?!

9. So cute I have no words.



11. Prancing puppies

12. Baby hippo

He’s so cute and tiny!

13. Meowwww

Look at those tiny little claws.

14. So. Many. Baby. Pandas.

Panda Fix / Via pandafix.com

And they’re sleeping. awwwww.

15. Kittens in cups

Not quite as cute as puppy in a cup, but still cute.

16. Sooo sleepy!

Such a sleepy little bunny.

Have a great day!


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