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10 Defining Character Moments On The Walking Dead

Beware, spoilers ahead!! In The Walking Dead's universe, only the strong will survive. After a weak moment, you've got to pick up the pieces and move on, fast. Here are some of the biggest turning points for everyone's favorite characters.

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Rick: Doing the best he can as a leader

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As the symbolic leader of the group, Rick's had plenty of defining moments so far, from risking it all to find his family to killing Shane to protect his family to making sure his people survive.

Defining moment: Now that Rick's almost lost everything and is falling down the crazy hole, he started to pick himself back up in episode 12 of season 3, "Clear." Rick saw a glimpse of what could happen to him in the near future if he doesn't start fixing things. Here's to hoping he'll be the same tough guy he used to be before our group goes to war with the Governor.

Carl: Finally learning to listen?

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You know that time Carl stayed in the house and did what he was told? Just kidding – we all know Carl NEVER does what he's supposed to do.

Defining moment: Even though he never listens, for once Carl is starting to grow up and think about what he's doing. Last week, Carl and Rick took a supply-gathering trip to their old hometown with Michonne and, of course, Carl lied to Rick and told him he just wanted to get a crib for baby Judith. In reality, he went to find the last-surviving picture of his family and had to show restrain for once in his life, thanks to Michonne.

Daryl: If Daryl Dies, We Riot / Via http://tumblr

Honestly, Daryl could just stand around with his crossbow and we'd all still be obsessed with him. Luckily for us, there's even more to Daryl.

Defining moment: Daryl never would have rescued that family in the car a couple weeks ago if he hadn't spent so much time with Rick's group without his brother Merle. It was a huge move for him to stand up to his older brother, and I think Daryl's biggest moment is still to come, and I'm sure it will have to do with choosing Rick or Merle – again.


Michonne: More than that tough exterior


Michonne's still that strong, machete-wielding fighter we first met, but now she's learning that she has to try harder to fit in with Rick's group because she can't survive on her own forever.

Defining moment: Now she's risking her life to help Carl, and opening up to Rick. Knowing that Michonne and Rick share similar struggles can only help the group become closer and stronger.

Andrea: She's tougher than she looks


Remember when Andrea's sister Amy died at the groups original camp, and no one thought Andrea would ever get over it? She almost gives up – a far cry from the Andrea we now know.

Defining moment: Andrea learned how to defend herself and picked herself up after her sister Amy's death. She even contemplated killing the Governor, a daring move for the once-dispirited and feeble Andrea.

Carol: A new voice of reason

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There's no doubt that Carol's a strong woman. She had to stand up to her terrible husband and somehow survived finding her missing daughter Sophia as a zombie.

Defining moment: Even after all of that, Carol seems to be stronger than ever – she's a great shot and was even bold enough to tell Andrea to kill the Governor.

Glenn: A fighter for his new family


Glenn has grown so much from the delivery boy we first met. He volunteers to run errands and has become a leader of sorts.

Defining moment: Glenn stood up to the Governor and Merle to protect Maggie and wouldn't give up the location of the rest of the group, even when he was getting the crap beat out of him.

Hershel: An unlikely unstoppable force

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Hershel has come a long way from the I-have-zombies-living-in-my-barn farmer he was when our group first showed up at his farmhouse. (Really, Hershel? Still not over this.)

Defining moment: Hershel finally realizes that the walkers are no longer humans and won't be cured. He makes nice with Rick's group and starts defending himself and his daughters as he gets tougher in this rough world. And don't forget when he later survives Rick chopping off half of his leg.

Beth: A little bit of hope in the zombie takeover

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From the first time we meet Beth at the farm, she seems like a weak link in the future group – but she's shown to be the most hopeful person on the show, something Rick's group desperately needs.

Defining moment: When Beth and Maggie's dad, Hershel, loses his leg to a zombie bite, Maggie accepts that he won't be around much longer. Beth believes that Hershel will be okay and even cuts the legs on his pants so he'll be able to wear them and walk.

Lori: The greatest sacrifice / Via

Lori's probably the most-hated character on the show. Probably? Who are we kidding? Everyone still hates Lori more than they hate the Governor now.

Defining moment: Lori sacrifices herself for her baby to survive, telling Maggie and Carl that the baby will be a sign of hope for the group.

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