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    15 Times Kids On "The Ellen Show" Made All Of Us Say "Aww"

    I can't deal with all the cuteness.

    1. When this kid believed in following his passion for food.

    2. When eight-year-old Noah Ritter ran for his life after being sneezed on by a dinosaur.

    3. When Macey sassed Ellen on her own show.

    4. When this genius kid, Brielle, taught us how to pronounce the French way.

    5. When this Geography expert drew Trump on the map of Russia, and made all of us ROFL.

    6. When these kids impressed us with their salsa moves.

    7. When Tavaris was the only five-year-old kid concerned about paying bills.

    8. When Claire performed a duet with her dad.

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    9. When Noah Ritter refused to get tricked by Ellen.

    10. When Kai sang for Ellen.

    11. When Brielle called Ellen a heart doctor, and made her blush.

    12. When these adorable toy testers cared more about playtime than the show.

    13. When this child prodigy was really, REALLY excited to be on the show.

    14. When this eight-year-old kid was confident enough to challenge Usain Bolt to a race.

    15. And when three-year-old gymnast, Emma, was a real inspiration.