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    These 8 Products Work Wonders On Red, Sensitive Skin

    No more dealing with blotchy bright irritation.

    Redness and skin inflammation can be daily annoyances. It can be incredibly irritating and uncomfortable, which is why we've been scouring for the best products for people who have unwanted redness.

    1. This soft, fluffy mask from Ren sinks into the skin to provide instant relief.

    2. This lightweight moisturizer from IT Cosmetics has a color-correcting green shade that helps to neutralize redness — FAST.

    3. This Belif Tincture mask is great for toning down redness and hydrating skin with a soothing gel formula.

    4. This particular skin softening spray from Eau Thermale Avène immediately soothes skin while misting on protective antioxidants.

    5. Three drops of this fast-absorbing Glossier Super Pure Serum will help fight irritation both long and short term.

    6. This drugstore favorite, Clinique Redness solutions, fights redness as skin care product while covering and evening out skin tone at same time as makeup.

    7. Skin is soothed instantly with Pai Lotus & Orange Blossom Tonic, a natural toner that smells as heavenly as it feels.

    8. Anyone with dry skin should look into this Cetaphil Night Moisturizer. It's super affordable and creamy without being greasy or heavy.