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    • liz

      This is fucking stupid. At the beginning you bash her for being too “virginal” (Something she has NEVER claimed to be!) and not “sexual” enough and then say she’s not a role model to 12 year old girls?! What is wrong with being a successful female and not having a sexualized image? Isn’t it antifeminist to say that Taylor Swift shouldn’t write about real girl issues like a cheating boyfriend or mean girls, and should instead be that girl? Isn’t it pretty antifeminist to say a woman should only write about certain things? And can only the girl wearing short skirts and having sex with everything that walks be an empowered woman? NO. Feminism to me means a woman being free to be whatever she wants to be, not changing who she is to fit the mold of what the “feminists” tell her to be. I’d say the fact that Taylor Swift is her own manager and CEO and writes or co-writes ALL of her songs without trying to conform to what EVERY other female in pop is doing (regurgitated shit written by the same few producers, sang in skimpy outfits with cleavage everywhere) is pretty damn inspiring and empowering, much more so than her being what you people want her to be!

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