What It’s Like To Buy A Cronut

You can taste New York City baker Dominique Ansel’s cross between a Croissant and a Doughnut only if you can brave the early morning line

1. You Wake Up Early

Really, really early.

2. You Get There at 6:20, And You Aren’t the First One There

The bakery opens at 8 a.m. on a weekday, but the first person in line gets there at 5 a.m.

3. But You Aren’t the Last One Either

The bakery only sells 200 Cronuts a day with a 2 Cronut per person maximum, so you have to be one of the first hundred in line to ensure this early morning journey is worth it.

4. As Time Ticks On, You Realize You’re Part of a ‘Craze’

5. Yet If This Many People Are In Line …

You can’t be that crazy!

6. Passersby Think You’re Nuts

They have to get to work before 9, so who’s laughing now?

7. This Pasta Dress Starts to Look Attractive After 70 Minutes

8. Dogs Take an Interest

Buskers too. Especially the singer who told his captive audience to “Put your hands together for yourselves for coming out today.” We came out for the Cronut. We’ll thank the Cronut.

9. Phone Games Pass the Time

So does Twitter.

10. It Starts to Rain

And we didn’t bring our umbrella.

11. Then at 8, the Baker Opens the Door!

YES! Thank you Chef Ansel!

12. Inside, Pastry Chefs Set Fires

13. As You Wait for One of These Cronuts

So many Cronuts!

14. Cronuts That Are Already Sold Out!

Except for you, the early morning Cronut riser. You get two. TWO! For $10.

15. And a Smile from the Cronut Master

Dominique Ansel

16. Sweet Hybrid Sweet!

17. You Take a Bite …

18. And Your Tastebuds Go …

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