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    6 Stand-out Styles that Make the Grade: Your Back-to-School #OOTD

    We may be a shipping company, but with customers like Poshmark, we’re no stranger to the fashion world! In fact, we’ve scoured Poshmark, the leading destination for buying and selling clothes, to give you six outfits that are sure to make you shine this fall. Take note, back-to-school sales are starting earlier than ever (meaning, NOW!), so it’s the perfect time to get your “Day 1” ensemble in order.

    1. The Ivy League

    Who says bookworms can’t be stylish?

    Make the conservative look a little more fun with a patterned collared shirt and some chic accessories.

    Get it here:






    Or try shopping these Ivy League-ish Showrooms on Poshmark:

    Aztec & Tribal Backpacks

    Oxford & Brogues

    2. The UC

    Saving the planet? Look fabulous while doing it in this Boho chic get-up.

    Add an oversized sweater and some fringed booties over a fitted T-shirt and jeans, and you’re good to go.

    Get it here:






    Or try these Boho-ish Showrooms on Poshmark:

    Brown Booties

    Slouchy Oversized Sweaters

    3. The Private School

    Just because you go to a Catholic school doesn't mean you can’t show a little skin.

    Transition your wardrobe from summer to fall with this flirty sundress and flats.

    Get it here:





    Or try these Preppy-ish Showrooms on Poshmark

    Floral Midi Dresses & Skirts

    Flats For Your On-The-Go Lifestyle

    4. The Big City School

    Attending college in a big city, you've learned to be tough, no-nonsense – a real go-getter. Now you need an outfit that says the same.

    Try a fabulous coat and some rockin’ ankle boots – essential for making a statement in the urban jungle.

    Get it here:



    Or try shopping these Big City-ish Showrooms on Poshmark:

    Combat Boots

    Leather Jackets Under $100

    5. The Big Ten

    Keep it sporty and cool, but without the helmets and heavy gear.

    This laidback and comfortable look is perfect for mornings when you almost miss the bus.

    Get it here:




    Pineapple Tee

    iPad Case

    Or try shopping these Big Ten-ish Showrooms on Poshmark:

    Vans Shoes

    Quirky Pineapple Prints Make Us Smile

    6. The Liberal Arts College

    You’re majoring in Studio Art and need an outfit that shows it.

    This is a great “go to” for anytime of year. Throw on a denim jacket and head out the door.

    Get it here:


    Gladiator Sandals

    Denim Jacket

    Tassel Necklace

    Or try shopping this Liberal Arts-ish Showroom on Poshmark


    No matter where you end up this fall, your outfit should make a statement! Poshmark makes it easier than ever to buy what you want at great prices and then turn around and sell it when you're done!

    And since shopping should be fun, with Poshmark's exclusive shipping label – PoshPost – women don't have to worry about getting their item from one closet to the next and can ship any piece of fashion weighing under 5 pounds anywhere in the United States for a flat rate of $4.99. That's a win-win for everyone.

    So what are you waiting for? Time to get back-to-school shopping!