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    6 Stand-out Styles that Make the Grade: Your Back-to-School #OOTD

    We may be a shipping company, but with customers like Poshmark, we’re no stranger to the fashion world! In fact, we’ve scoured Poshmark, the leading destination for buying and selling clothes, to give you six outfits that are sure to make you shine this fall. Take note, back-to-school sales are starting earlier than ever (meaning, NOW!), so it’s the perfect time to get your “Day 1” ensemble in order.

    1. The Ivy League

    2. The UC

    3. The Private School

    4. The Big City School

    5. The Big Ten

    6. The Liberal Arts College

    No matter where you end up this fall, your outfit should make a statement! Poshmark makes it easier than ever to buy what you want at great prices and then turn around and sell it when you're done!

    And since shopping should be fun, with Poshmark's exclusive shipping label – PoshPost – women don't have to worry about getting their item from one closet to the next and can ship any piece of fashion weighing under 5 pounds anywhere in the United States for a flat rate of $4.99. That's a win-win for everyone.

    So what are you waiting for? Time to get back-to-school shopping!