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Watch How McDonald's French Fries Are Made In Canada

Bonus: Potato farmer who is handsome and talks funny.

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McDonald's Canada solicits questions from customers online through a Quora-like FAQ page then publishes some of the answers in videos. Gizmodo spotted this one, which addresses the company's French fries.

Keep an eye out for these important moments:

1. Potato farmer Angelo Levesque

2. Potato farmer Angelo Levesque

3. The way supply chain manager Scott Gibson pronounces "process."

4. The way that Scott Gibson pronounces "Regina."

5. When fries supplier Mario Dupuis doesn't really explain the magical "peeling system" that the potatoes get pushed through :(

6. When Mario Dupuis doesn't really explain the ingredient used to prevent greying :(

7. When Scott Gibson says "all of our Canadian restaurants" use 100 percent vegetable oil. (The company probably made sure that wasn't going to cost $10M this time.)

Potato farmer Angelo Lesvesque

The McDonald's french fry lifecycle