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38 Things To Drink Instead Of Booze

Drynuary got off to a good start, but you'd like to guzzle martinis this weekend. Stay strong!

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Make drinks from our "winter" section to get you through the rest of Drynuary. Then bookmark any others you like in case you need a mini-detox later in the year. (But don't worry: None of these require a big juicer that eats kale and turns it into juice.)

Before we get into ideas for the rest of the year ...

1. Use real fruit to make juice.

Whenever possible, but this is mostly about citrus. All bottled fruit juice is inferior to fresh juiced fruit, but that especially goes for lemon, limes, and oranges, which are essential in so many mocktails. Get yourself a citrus reamer ($6), or even better if you make a lot of drinks an electric juicer ($30). (Different from the kind of electric juicer you can put a whole piece of kale in. Those will put you back $200-$400.)

2. Make flavored simple syrups.

A simple syrup is equal parts sugar and water to simmered until this sugar dissolves. Very easy. BUt you can also add some flavored stuff -- mint, lemon peel, cinnamon, ginger, anything. Here's a good How-To with pictures from Refinery 29.

3. Freeze fun stuff into the ice cubes.

This is purely an aesthetic thing. But when you're forgoing alcohol, heck, every little bit helps. Here are eight fun ice cube ideas compiled by Bon Appetit.

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