17 Things People Care About Less Than Getting A Cronut

    Meet some of the people waiting in the insanely massive line for Shake Shack's Cronut Hole Concrete.

    This is a Cronut Hole Concrete, available today only at NYC's Madison Square Park Shake Shack.

    Shake Shack hates the integrity of your Twitter feed, so they teamed up with cronut inventor Dominique Ansel and made 1,000 of these things. They cost $4.50 and proceeds will benefit the New York Police Department and Madison Square Park Conservancy.

    People started lining up for one at 4 a.m., seven hours before Shake Shake even opened.

    So while people were waiting in line...


    1. We asked them what they were supposed to be doing.

    2. Lisa is supposed to be at work... Oops.

    3. And Mr. Anonymous should be handling your money.

    4. Justin didn't really have anywhere else to be.

    5. Emily and Hudson were originally going to the zoo.

    6. Lee is supposed to be taking a "quick work lunch."

    7. Ellen and Natalie should be on the way to class.

    8. Richard is supposed to be #building a #brand.

    9. Fortune Cookie is supposed to be taking care of some visa issues...

    10. Jon should be sitting in a Google meeting.

    11. Harper should be doing ordinary dog things.

    12. Carly should be in Times Square on her New York vacation.

    13. Yasmin should not even be in this country.

    14. Chris is supposed to be moving on to better things.

    15. Jamie and Grace should be in business class.

    16. The Checkett, Harrison, and Davis families should be tucking their kids in for a nap.

    17. Cissy is supposed to be shopping.

    And cronut inventor Dominque Ansel should obviously get back to making more cronuts.

    Happy Cronut-ing!