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41 Tailgating Tips That Are Borderline Genius

This is not about a grill and a cooler of beer: Tailgating is a lifestyle.

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main compartment


bottle openers


can opener


wooden skewers

basting brush

mini flashlight

middle comparment

trash bags

paper towels

wet wipes

hand sanitizer



plastic zip bages


Masking tape

bottom drawer

your favorite condiments, spices and seasonings.


10. Pack extra set of the essentials.

Bring extra charcoal or an extra 1-lb tank of LP gas. You need two tongs (one for raw meat, one for everything else). Be sure one entire cooler is full of ice for drinks.

11. Bring a large plastic tub to haul back dirty dishes.

Bring items in a large plastic tub. When you are ready to pack up, line the tub with a garbage bag and then put your dirty dishes inside.


16. Consider wind direction when you position your grill.

If it's a very windy day and you have a charcoal grill, be sure you bring a little extra charcoal because the wind can make it burn faster. Point the front leg of the kettle grill into the wind to minimize wind coming into the bottom vents. If you have a gas grill, turn the grill perpendicular to where the wind is coming from to minimize its effect on your food. Get more great windy-day grilling tips here.

19. Bring a pre-packed set of drawers so everything is handy and organized while you're cooking.

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Designate and label drawers: One for napkins, plates and utensils; one for koozies and bottle openers and cups; one for SPF and insect repellant, etc.

20. Turn a case of beer into a toss-away drink cooler.

In lieu of a cooler, get a case of your favorite drinks, empty it and line it with two garbage bags (so it doesn't leak), then put the drinks back in and add ice. Afterwards, put the whole thing in the trash. I always double the bag so I don't have any leaks."