29 Ways To Eat Strawberries And Rhubarb In Blissful Harmony

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For the uninitiated, this is rhubarb:


-It looks like celery but its color ranges from light pink to dark red. There might be green speckles on it too. None of this coloring is an indication of ripeness.

-Depending on the variety, it's in season April through June when you can buy it at most grocery stores.

-When choosing rhubarb, size doesn't matter that much, but avoid limp stalks with split ends.

-Store stalks whole in the refrigerator 5 to 7 days unwashed and sealed in a plastic bag.

-You can eat the stalks raw, but rhubarb is tart, so it's usually sliced into pieces then cooked with sugar, honey, syrup, or berry preserves. Rhubarb leaves, which are basically never sold with the stalks, are toxic.