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7 Quick Dinners To Make This Week

It's gonna be great!

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Todd Coleman

1. Tortellini with Radicchio and Peas

Get the recipe.
José Picayo / Via

2. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos with Avocado-Pepita Dip

Get the recipe.

3. Quick Beef Ribeye and Vegetable Stew

Get the recipe.
Tina Rupp / Via

4. Charred Eggplant with Chile Sauce and Tahini

Get the recipe.
Todd Coleman / Via

5. Chicken Lo Mein

Get the recipe.

6. Black Bass with Warm Rosemary-Olive Vinaigrette

Get the recipe.
Antonis Achilleos / Via

7. Vegan Broccoli and Cheeze Soup

Get the recipe.

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