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Oh Shit, Grumpy Cat Cake Pops

I am actually surprised it took this long for these to exist. Via Bakerella.

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The queen of twee baking has outdone herself this time. Bakerella's Angie Dudley recreated two of the internet's cutest pets, Grumpy Cat and Boo, using her signature cake pops. And I, for one, could not be more thrilled.

Made from crumbled cake and frosting, Dudley's basic cake pops (click here to see Bakerella's recipe) are pretty easy to make. But to turn them into recognizable, internet-famous pets requires a little more skill, both artistic and architectural. For Grumpy, the ears are chocolate wafers cut into triangles. The eyes are Jumbo confetti sprinkles broken in half. The rest of the face — well you basically have to draw it with chocolate.

Check out how Bakerella did it below, and visit her site for the recipe.

Not a cat person? You should probably look at the Boo cake pops, instead.

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