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    23 Next-Level Ways To Make Baked Brie

    Sorry if these are a little cheesy.

    1. With wild mushrooms and thyme melted right in:

    2. Glazed with pumpkin butter and walnuts:

    3. Spiked with brandied cranberries and figs:

    4. As a galette, with fig and pear:

    5. Dripping with maple syrup and pecans:

    6. Smothered with blackberry compote:

    7. As bite-sized pastries, with rosemary and honey:

    8. Pouring out of crisp, flaky phyllo dough with apricot jam:

    9. In puff pastry, topped with cold figs, pistachios, and honey:

    10. WIth a thick layer of spiced blueberry sauce:

    11. En croûte, with sundried tomatoes and thyme:

    12. In a ramekin with soft roasted garlic and honey:

    13. With grape balsamic compote and slivered almonds:

    14. In a perfectly-browned pastry shell, with sun-dried tomatoes and capers:

    15. On a stick, with sweet cherry jam:

    16. Blended with cream, baked inside an artichoke:

    17. Swimming in pecan praline sauce:

    18. Topped with roasted strawberries, oozing from a thick layer of pastry:

    19. With honey, lavender, and thyme baked into the rind:

    20. In a neat parcel of prosciutto, phyllo dough, and pear jam:

    21. As a rustic dip with crispy bacon, peppers, and thyme:

    22. Wrapped in a simple, thin layer of prosciutto:

    23. For the brie-averse, cream cheese baked with bacon and ranch is a delicious alternative:

    Get to it!