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    23 Ways To Meet The Chili Of Your Dreams

    It may seem like all the good chili is taken. But your bowl is out there. Open your heart and think about what you need from the relationship.

    1. Let's say you want a cozy crockpot chicken chili:

    This Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili prioritizes cuddling and likes to stay in on Friday nights.

    2. If you want sweet potatoes or squash in your chili:

    Healthy Jalapeno Sweet Potato Chicken Chili

    3. If you want all meat, no beans:

    Chili Con Carne is the original hunk of burning love. Get the recipe.

    4. If you want something that's straight-up classic:

    Pat Neely's Famous Beef and Pork Chili recipe is sporty, tall, and alarmingly handsome.

    5. If you want a tons-of-veggies vegetarian chili:

    Reliable. Responsible. Makes you feel great about yourself. Get the recipe.

    6. If you like it really spicy:

    What's a relationship without firey chemistry? Recipe here.

    7. If you want a rich, white chili with chicken:

    This white chicken chili has several houses, all of them with their own staffs, and has never heard the word "no."

    8. If you want dark meat chicken:

    It might not be the "healthy" choice, but it feels so right. Get the recipe.

    9. If you want one with lamb and chickpeas:

    You love it because it's different. Get the recipe.

    10. If the idea of quinoa in your chili is exciting:

    This chili is so well read! Swoon. Get the recipe.

    11. If you want to make a big batch:

    Big batch slow cooker chili is ready to start a family. Recipes for beef, chicken, or vegetarian chili.

    12. If you're trying to win a cook-off:

    Go Hot or Go Home Beef Chili is ambitious and a smart investor. You should see the balance on that portfolio. It is BALANCED.

    13. If you like a chili that knows how to wear a snappy hat:

    Chili con Carne with Cheddar Scallion Biscuit Topping will always be the hottest dish in the room.

    14. If you want a protein-packed vegetarian chili:

    It might be embarrassing to tell your friends that you met at Cross Fit, but don't let that get in the way of true love. Get the recipe.

    15. If you want Cincinnati Chili:

    Then there's something wrong with you, but to each his own.

    16. If you want lots of winter vegetables:

    A sensible chili that's not afraid of commitment. Get the recipe.

    17. If you want to use pork shoulder and bacon:

    Will always take a shot. In fact, sometimes shouts "Going big!" while handing friends a round of shots. Get the recipe.

    18. If you want turkey chili:

    This chili will thoughtfully remind you that last time you did shots you spent your entire Sunday in bed, and are you sure you want to do that again?

    19. If you can get your hands on 5 lbs of pork cheeks:

    Uses the word artisanal and probably has the right to. Get the recipe.

    20. If you'd actually rather be eating buffalo chicken wings:

    All of the sports. All of the beer. All of the fun. Get the recipe.

    21. If you have time, patience, and want to make the ultimate bowl of chili with 30+ ingredients:

    Will make you earn it. Get the recipe.

    22. If you only have 30 minutes:

    Probs not the chili of your dreams. Gets the job done, but might leave you feeling a little empty inside. Get the recipe.

    23. If you'd like some mac and cheese with your chili:

    And why shouldn't you? It may not be the most sophisticated, but this chili knows how to give you what you need. Get the recipe