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3 Easy Vegan Snacks Anyone Could Make

So simple, you could make them when incapacitated by drugs and/or laziness.

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The Vegan Stoner is a cartoon tomato who always has the munchies and is a lazy cook. "He" is the invention of Portland-based designers Sarah Conrique and Graham I. Haynes, the writers, cooks, and illustrators behind Each recipe is super easy and easy to follow — limited to about six ingredients and six steps — with illustrations of the ingredients. The duo's first cookbook just came out; here are a few of its recipes.


1. Cook 1 cup dry pasta in a pot according to package.

2. Melt 2 spoonfuls of margarine in a pan.

3. Add ½ cup water and a can of drained peas.

4. Mix in a handful of nutritional yeast and 2 handfuls of flour.

5. Mix in a spoonful of mustard and a spoonful of chili sauce.

6. Mix cooked pasta into sauce.



1. Mix 2 spoonfuls of vegan sour cream with a spoonful of chili sauce in a bowl.

2. Heat 5 small tortillas and spread sour cream mixture on top.

3. Layer a handful of cabbage strips onto tacos.

4. Slice ½ block of tofu into rectangles.

5. Coat tofu in soy sauce, then panko crumbs.

6. Coat a pan with oil, fry tofu on both sides, and layer onto tacos.

7. Munch.


1. Microwave a spoonful of margarine till melted.

2. Mix melted margarine with ½ cup powdered sugar, 2 spoonfuls of soy creamer, and a splash of vanilla.

3. Mix in 2 more spoonfuls of powdered sugar.

4. Dip crackers in mixture and lay on a nonstick baking sheet.

5. Top with sprinkles and place in freezer till solid.

6. Munch.

Reprinted with permission from The Vegan Stoner Cookbook by Sarah Conrique and Graham I. Haynes, copyright (c) 2013. Published by Ten Speed Press, a division of Random House, Inc.