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24 Foods That Cuddle

It's cold outside! Look at these guys for inspiration and then go get cozy.

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1. These hot dogs wearing the warmest jackets.

2. This deviled egg giving his friend a nuzzle.

3. These cinnamon rolls snuggling with each other.

4. These cozy soppressata bundles getting all wrapped up.

Get the recipe at Food & Wine

5. These green beans in puffy vests made of bacon.

6. This crostata hugging itself.

7. This crostata too.

8. Crostata are so lucky.

9. These bundled up packages of grissini.

10. These eggs nestled in.

11. This cobbler, too. (Cobbler king of the nestle.)

Get the recipe from Martha Stewart.

12. Whatever rests cozily in this phyllo purse.

13. These pita pockets.

14. Pita bread pays it forward.

15. These apples having a spa treatment.

16. Dolmades are comfy. Olives are cozy.

17. This ravioli giving a tight hug.

18. These banana slices in a warm embrace.

19. These cookies under a blankie.

20. These asparagus having a bath.

21. This happy pile of cuddling gnocchi.

22. Hershey kisses nuzzling down into a comfy pillow.

23. This teddy bear who is all tucked in.

24. Not a yule log; a chocolate infinity hug.

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