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How To Make A Big Batch Of Manhattans For A Gift

Give the gift of drunkenness to many, many loved ones. Check out more food gifts here.

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Batched Manhattans

Makes 3 pint jars; each pint contains 4 Manhattans


24 ounces rye whiskey (from 1 750mL bottle)

12 ounces sweet vermouth (the red kind) (from 1 750mL bottle)

12 dashes Angostura bitters

Optional: 12 maraschino cherries or 12 brandied cherries

For Gift Assembly
Printed or written Manhattan directions (See below)


In each jar, combine 8 ounces rye whiskey, 4 ounces sweet vermouth, and 4 dashes Angostura bitters. Optional: Add four maraschino cherries to each jar.

Get decorating info here.

Macey Foronda

Directions to include with gift.

How To Make Manhattans

Serves 4

Pour this mixture into a pitcher, add lots of ice, and stir vigorously for 10 seconds. Pour into four glasses, holding back ice. Garnish with brandied cherries or lemon peels and serve.

Download a PDF of directions to include with the gift.

Click here.

Click here.

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