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    This Backpack That Fits Everything Is The Most Elegant Bag I Own

    Easy on your back *and* on the eyes.

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    I'm about to celebrate my one-year anniversary of being a backpack person.

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    I don't know why it took me so long to bid adieu to a shoulder bag as my primary means of lugging all my crap around. And I lug *a lot* of crap around: I live in New York City, which means I'm easily clocking 10K steps a day, often with a bag (or two) in tow, carrying any combination of my laptop, a book, my wallet, my makeup bag, and gym clothes, among myriad other items, depending on the day.

    I'd always dismissed backpacks as being too frumpy, or too annoying to maneuver when I'd need to take my wallet or my keys out, for instance — opting instead for a cross-body bag and maybe the addition of a tote if I couldn't fit everything in bag #1.

    Until: the backpack of my dreams came along.

    Last year, I'd finally converted to a casual bookbag that fit my laptop and the host of other items I carry on me at all times. It saved my back, neck, and shoulders the stress of a one-shoulder bag, and it fit ALL my shit. Hooray! But it still seemed so...homely-looking. Look, I'm no designer-bag person. Toss a tote on my shoulder and I'm ready to rock. But yet, a casual canvas bookbag often made me feel like the least pulled-together person in the room (or on the subway car).

    I decided to take things up a notch and splurge on a bag that was both functional and made me look more like some semblance of a put-together human who also doesn't like being achy at the end of the day. I'm a big fan of eco-conscious brand Matt & Nat, and their Vignelli bag checked all necessary boxes (with the added bonus of being made from vegan leather — yay for not killing an animal to wear!). Now we're inseparable.

    First off: Whoa, it fits my laptop!

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    It's a seemingly sleek and narrow-looking bag with a hinged (or what some may describe as "doctor bag"-style) zipped opening, so I was initially skeptical. Some reviews suggested that a laptop would fit only if you didn't really have much else in the bag, so I was afraid I wouldn't successfully be able to pack all my essentials in there.

    But behold: I was proven otherwise! Every day, in the main compartment I'm able to easily fit my MacBook Air, my wallet, my sunglasses case, and my makeup bag, with room to spare.

    It also has this cool zipper on the side that's super convenient for stuff like my phone, keys, or MetroCard.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    This way I don't have to pull the bag around in front of me just to grab my MetroCard every time I get on the subway, for instance. And I👏am👏here👏for anything that helps make my daily commute any less stressful than it needs to be.

    There are also two different-sized pockets inside the bag to store your smaller items.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    Why yes, those are two jars of peanut butter sitting at the bottom of my bag.

    Ugh. So pretty.

    Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    Look, at $160, it's not exactly cheap, but it's not outrageous for a quality, long-lasting bag either — the return on investment makes the price tag more than worth it for me. My last cross-body bag was also by Matt & Nat, and I wore it for more than three years, with near-daily use.

    Plus, you can wear this puppy out literally anywhere and never feel dressed down because you're carrying a backpack — it's professional, it's dressy, and you can hold it in your hand if you really want to, without looking like you just left algebra class.

    If you're in the market for a new backpack, or just want to upgrade your existing one, I highly recommend that you treat yourself to this exceptionally functional and stylish bag, available in an array of equally elegant colors.

    Or treat someone else! (I for one would not reject a gifted duplicate bag in its gorgeous "carbon" colorway. Hint, hint, Mom.)

    Get it from Matt & Nat or Urban Outfitters for $160.

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