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What Product To Help You Sleep Do You Swear By?

Tell us, so we can get lots of sleep too!

Sleep is, objectively, THE BEST.

Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of what we all love most, and clocking in those z's can be easier said than done.

But perhaps there's a product that's made getting some much-needed sleep way easier for you. So tell us, what product to help you sleep do you swear by?

Maybe it's an amazing pair of black-out curtains.

Or $6 earplugs that seem to have noise-blocking superpowers.

Perhaps it's a clock that helps occupy your kids just a little longer in the mornings so they don't wake you up at the crack of dawn?

Or a pillow that has ~literally~ changed your life?

Tell us about your favorite products that help you get some sleep in the comments below to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!