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These $20 Curtains Are Legit One Of The Best Things I've Ever Bought

Is it normal to ask a curtain to be your BFF?

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If you're a light sleeper, you know how frustrating it is to be jolted awake by beams of bright sunlight when your alarm isn't set to go off for at least another hour or two.

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Being a member of the Light Sleeper Club is a relatively new thing for me, and it's annoying AF. In my early twenties, I once slept through an earthquake. Now I so much as hear a tiny bird chirp once or water from a leaky faucet drip in the bathroom and boom — wide awake.


When I moved into a light-drenched apartment (yay!), I realized that meant I'd also have a light-drenched bedroom at hours when I'd rather be fast asleep (boo!).

So I bought these these Deconovo curtains, swayed by an inviting price tag ($19.95+ a pair) and more than 1,500 glowing, 4.5-star-average reviews.

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When they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by their high-quality, heavy, soft fabric — they looked more expensive than their retail price suggests — as well as immediately impressed by their ability to deliver. (Hot tip: If you're in the market for just a single curtain panel, rather than a pair, the same brand also sells a nearly identical version starting at $8.99.)

Here's a before-and-after of what my bedroom looks like when I close the curtains on a really sunny day. ::cue solar eclipse flashbacks::

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Seriously, thank god I'm not afraid of the dark! These curtains come THROUGH, and they're also available in 26 colors and three lengths (63", 84", and 95").

While I could have gone for even more sun-blocking power with a longer length (the ones I have are 63"), I didn't want to cover the air conditioner just below the window, and these work perfectly as is. I'm consistently able to sleep soundly well until my wake-up time, no matter how sunny it is outside. As a matter of fact, my bedroom was *so* dark this morning that I had to use my phone's flashlight to navigate around the room so I didn't wake up my still-sleeping boyfriend before I left the house.

I have the curtains in light grey, and I noticed that there are reviews suggesting that some lighter-colored options may not provide as much blackout coverage, so that might be something to keep in mind if you're a big fan of ~extreme~ darkness.

I don't think these curtains particularly provide any significant insulation or blockage against outside noise, as the product description suggests, but they do an A+ job at blocking out the sun, and for $20 a pair, that's pretty damn impressive.