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    24 Products From Amazon Under $15 To Organize Everything In Your Home

    You can't put a price on the peace of mind that comes from an orderly home — but under $15 is a pretty good place to start.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A super-handy metal rack to store your pans, lids, baking sheets, cutting boards, and more (can be used horizontally or vertically).

    Promising review: "It's just what I needed as I had all my skillets stacked together in a lower cabinet, and it was a literal pain to get one out to use. Now they just slide out and back in, and I can see which one I need easily. It's very sturdy as one is a cast iron skillet, and the rack holds it up nicely." —Pam Lendi

    Price: $14.97+ (available in two colors)

    2. A mesh-pocket shower organizer you can hang right on your shower curtain rings, if crowding up the corners of your tub is starting to get a little old.

    Promising review: "This works exactly as described. The material is very strong and allows water to go thru and dry quickly. No more bottles of shampoo around the side of the tub!!!" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $7.99

    3. A lined eyeglasses holder to keep on your nightstand so you'll never find yourself blurrily searching for your glasses again. (It can also be used to hold office supplies or literally anything else!)

    Promising review: "I love this eyeglass holder! Prior to purchasing this one, I had a horizontal dish designed to hold eyeglasses. Even though the dish served the purpose of holding the glasses, it did not protect them from scratches, and it was difficult to find in the darkness of a winter morning. The plush-lined eyeglasses holder protects the glasses from scratches, as its' vertical design is easy to feel/find in the dark. In addition, the design is colorful, and easy to spot. As a senior citizen, I look for as many advantages as I can find. :-)" —Relaxing on the Dock

    Price: $8.99+ (available in six designs)

    4. A lazy Susan for your cabinets, so all your pantry goods are always just a quick spin away from arm's reach.,

    Promising review: "Awesome! I've seen some reviews that said too much weight will make these unusable. That's probably true at some point. But we packed these things down and they have been great! We have a simple reach-in pantry/closet that's wider than the actual doorway. These were super helpful in filling in the corners. Our inside depth from wall to wall was 19-1/2". These 18" were perfect! I also ordered the 12" but are soon replacing those with more 18" ones. I've included a pantry shot. Our inside width is 60". The close-up shot shows two of the 18" spinners and a can rack about 18" as well. A little wiggle room between all and the end walls and we can now reach everything without 'losing' items in the back. Overall great product and just a little cheaper than the big-box stores" —M. Ellsworth

    Price: $7.99+

    5. A hanging jewelry organizer that's so smart you'll wonder why you've been organizing your accessories any other way.,

    Promising review: "My girls have plenty of hair accessories and I wanted to organize them nearly where I can see them all. This organizer is perfect! It's sturdy and well made and holds over 100 accessories and the loops on the back are ideal for headbands. I slightly repurposed it but I love it and I've recommended it to at least a dozen friends who are happily bow organized as well."—Emily T.

    Price: $7.99+ (available in black, beige, and pink)

    6. A helpful-as-heck magnet so you'll always know the current state of dishes in your dishwasher — forgetful roommates and partners be damned!

    Promising review: "Not too much to say here. Yes it will remind you that your wife wants you to empty the dishwasher. It will also remind your wife that you haven't emptied the dishwasher." —Taz

    Price: $2.49

    7. A meal-planning pad with a column for each day of the week's meals and a column for your shopping list to streamline all your trips to the supermarket (or, let's be real, to Fresh Direct).

    Promising review: "I love that I can separate the grocery list from the meals. Previously, I would take my list/meal plan with to the store, then throw it in my purse or in a bag at the checkout, then proceed to lose it when it came time to figure out what I was making for supper that day. The magnet on the back is great for keeping the list handy on the side of the fridge (even handy enough for my husband to add groceries when he uses the last of something!)." —Jackiet

    Price: $9.99

    8. A storage basket for laundry, toys, or any odds and ends lying around that'll make your home look pulled together even though you just took 10 seconds to throw everything inside one.

    Promising review: "These look high-end — great detailing and sturdy woven fabric. The rope on ends is a great touch. They stay open just fine and have a firm platform base." —City guy

    Price: $11.99+ (available in four sizes and 22 colors/patterns)

    9. A three-tiered hanging basket so all your favorite fruits have a cozy and convenient home.,

    Promising review: "Solid basket. Hangs straight. Well made. Can't go wrong. Purchased with Panacea hanging plant bracket. So far holding up real well. It's holding about 15 lbs of produce." —Hector

    Price: $13.87

    10. A cascading wall organizer, because you've got papers and bills all over the place and this, folks, is the solution you've been searching for.

    Promising review: "I purchased this to use as a part of our family's kitchen 'command center'; this is in a highly visible area of our house so I wanted something that was functional, low-profile, and not an eyesore. This organizer is PERFECT. There are enough pockets for each of our four family members, plus a few more that I've designated for bills and other correspondence. It helps keep the paper clutter off the counters and easily accessible for each of us. I love the clear front pocket where I keep my second-grader's 'specials' calendar so he can easily see whether he has PE, art, music or computer lab on any given school day. I like the bright colors; they help to liven up my kitchen but aren't at all tacky. Each folder is removable so the colors can go in any order you want." —Heather

    Price: $12.40

    Read a full review of this product here.

    11. A set of magnetic spice jars that you can conveniently store right on your refrigerator door.

    Promising review: "These are perfect. So happy to have my spices off the shelf, and up on the door where I can see them ALL (and they're even organized alphabetically). One tip: If you're putting labels on, turn the container so the 'sprinkle' lid is in the upper right hand corner. This will keep very fine spices (baking soda, for example) from leaking out when on the steel base." —Robyn

    Price: $8.95+ (available in packs of three, six, and twelve)

    12. A bra, underwear, and sock organizer so you aren't cramming stuff into your drawers anymore all willy-nilly — plus you'll actually be able to see how many more days of undies you have until laundry day!,

    Promising review: "I LOVE LOVE LOVE these organizers!! At just $13 for four organizers I took my chances and ordered two sets of four. I figured, worst-case scenario I would have to cut the dividers out of the bra organizers. I am guessing if you wear a 36 band size or above that the organizer may be too narrow to fit the bra. However I believe you could fold in the extra band and fit them in. I had no problem fitting DD cups into these. I wear a 32DD and the bras fit beautifully in the organizers. Here is a picture attached! I am so glad I took the chance and did not listen to the reviews. I would have missed out on the best cheapest organizers I have ever found. I ordered another set for tank tops and other extras I did not think of before. Great product for a great price!" —Elizabeth L Blackwell

    Price: $13.87 for a set of four organizers (available in gray and brown); or $4.87 for a similar set of two organizers

    13. An adorable elephant desk organizer that'll hold your cell phone, pens, and other office supplies while bringing a touch of whimsy to your space.

    Promising review: "Love. Cute elephant. Easy to assemble. Holds handful of pens. Sturdy material." —beat counter

    Price: $8.99

    14. A plastic-bag holder so you can finally retire that plastic bag holding all your plastic bags.

    Promising review: "I'm actually using these to store rolls of socks for my kids right in our shoe/coat closet! I have two. One for my 8- and 7-year-olds' socks, and one for my 3- and 5-year-olds' socks. They can't say they don't know where their socks went anymore, and as long as they put their dirty socks in the laundry, we are staying more organized now!" —Beth

    Price: $9.10

    15. A file folder with five expandable tabbed pockets that'll organize all your important docs for work, school, or home, all while looking super cute as it does so.

    Promising review: "I've been using this folder for nearly two to three months and I'm a college student with a lot of papers to carry. I was looking for something cute, easy to carry, that fits manila folders, and overall keeps folders from getting crinkly. This DID IT. I can't express how much I love this — I got a second one that is coming very soon! As I mentioned, I use manila folders for A LOT of things and even the divider for them is just below the strap that keeps the folder closed. Nothing gets crinkled or bent and it is great. I can throw looseleaf papers, folders, or even books/small notebooks in here. It's adorable and a great color (I got a lot of compliments on it as well!)." —Alexa Viz

    Price: $7.99+ (available in eight colors)

    16. A hanging closet organizer so you can finally get your bags, ties, belts, and scarves in order instead of squishing them into a drawer, tossing them in a random corner, or throwing them on your chair (you know the chair I'm talking about).

    Promising review: "This product is exactly what I'm looking for. My closet feels more organized, and I can layer the purses based on most used. I love how sturdy it feels. It can definitely hold more than seven purses." —Li Luong

    Price: $8.98

    17. A clear, compact cosmetics organizer that'll make it easier than ever to see what you're working with and keep all your makeup in order rather than strewn about in an old bag.

    Promising review: "It is the besttt. And I love the free makeup bag you get with the purchase. The majority of my stuff fits, and it's easier to get ready in the mornings now." —Janell Casmore

    Price: $13.95+ (available in 17 color and design options)

    18. A door-mounted rack to conveniently hold kitchen supplies like ziplock baggies, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and more.,

    Promising review: "This item was just what I was looking for to help maximize space in my tiny pantry. I have been using it on the inside of the door to store packages of ziplock bags of various sizes. The design makes it easy to remove bags as needed without having to remove the entire package from the rack. I just pull them through the front. I plan to order at least one more in order to completely take advantage of the unused space on the inside of my pantry door." —Bonnie

    Price: $8.87

    19. A super-handy mop and broom holder, because you're tired of being attacked by your cleaning tools every time you open the closet.

    Promising review: "I have a small apartment and the broom closet was always a mess with the brooms hitting me in the face whenever I took the trash out. This saved me so much stress! The slots have little rollers and they move to fit just about any size mop or broom. There are also little hooks that can drop down if you want to hold towels or the dust pan, which is what I use it for. This is a must-have organizational tool!" —Jacqui Nibbelin

    Price: $11.99

    20. A magnetic knife strip that's not only a convenient way to store your knives but will also instantly make your kitchen look fancy AF.

    Promising review: "Love this knife holder!!! It's easy to install, and looks so cool! People compliment me on it all the time. The quality is great, very strong, it holds all my stuff very nicely. Side note: I have noticed that some of my smaller items that I have attached to it have started to become slightly magnetized... not bad, but my bottle cap opener sometimes holds onto the cap after taking it off. :)" —Tim Becker

    Price: $14.99

    21. A chic little wallet phone case, if you're tired of lugging around a big ol' wallet filled with a bunch of cards you never use anyway.

    Fits iPhone 7 and 8.

    Promising review: "Love it! It easily holds three credit cards plus my driver's license, in addition to three or four bills folded in fourths. I've ditched my pocket wallet for just this. The leather looks great (very stylish) and the form/function of the fold out card holder is super cool. The case wraps around the edge of my iPhone 7 very well and does not interfere with my aftermarket screen protector nor any of the phone buttons and ports. I have not had any issues with cards getting deactivated, including two separate weeklong tests with hotel keys that are notorious for becoming 'demagnetized.' Credit cards fit just slightly tight, but just the way I'd want them as I like a tight fit so they don't slip out when opening the case. Super satisfied with this product!!" —Robert B Doggett

    Price: $12.99+ (available in seven colors/designs)

    Read a full review of this product here.

    22. A three-tier drying hanger for sweaters, swimsuits, and other delicates that you can conveniently hang out of the way until your clothes are fully dry.,

    Can hold up to 10 lbs.

    Promising review: "These are wonderful! They work great to dry the clothes and I'm able to hang them up out of the way. Much better than the racks on the floor stacked up like before. My man hung a hook in our bedroom in the far corner so I just hang them out of the way and forget about them... literally I forgot because I'm not tripping on them constantly! Bonus: the dogs aren't trying to use these as a bed like they wanted to do with the old racks. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They do shoot open quickly and hard so watch out or you'll get hit in the face like I did the first time. I actually bought two of them and hooked them together so I can hang them all up at one time." —Ellie Robinson

    Price: $12.13

    23. An art supply holder, because the creative process may not be neat and orderly but at east your supplies can be.

    Promising review: "This holder is just as nice as the one from Tombow at half the price. I own three, as they are very handy for art and office supplies. I keep an empty one on hand for when I am coloring so I can organize the pencils and pens I am actively using so I don't have art supplies scattered all over my desk." —Jocelyn

    Price: $6.96

    24. And a minimalist photo display stand for arranging pics, postcards, notes, or coupons (plus a little holder for pens or a plant!).

    Promising review: "Fun display item to remind the user of places/things they enjoyed or received through pictures or postcards. I like the fact that they can be moved around to any place in the house and changed seasonally, or at any whim. I'm now not hiding away those special cards and pictures because I have an easy-to-use way to display them." —Ellen Lodwick

    Price: $12.99

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