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22 Signs You're Obsessed With Venmo

"Just Venmo me!" —your gravestone

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1. You've perfected the art of using emojis to describe what your transaction is for.

Venmo / Twitter / Via Twitter: @redheadjessica

2. And have taken descriptions to the next level with your closest friends.

3. You comment on friends' payments regularly.

Emmy Favilla

4. You have newfound appreciation for people who get the most creative on Venmo.
Venmo / Via

5. You've experienced the phenomenon known as Venmo panic.

There is nothing quite as stressful as crafting your witty #venmo payment caption

6. You know it's the perfect place to wish someone a happy birthday:

7. "Just Venmo me!" is one of your most-used phrases.

20th Century Fox / Via

8. You stalk people's Venmo history and judge them accordingly.

9. You get maj FOMO when you see your friends hanging without you on Venmo.

10. You use it to pay your roommates or S.O. for rent and/or bills.

Twitter / Venmo / Via Twitter: @bestofvenmo

11. (And to pay for things that may or may not be legal.)

Vicemo / Via

12. You have your Venmo notifications turned on.

Emmy Favilla

13. You know the sweet, sweet joy of forgetting to cash out for a while and then all of a sudden realizing you're RICH.

14. You're friends once again with the annoying person who never has any cash on them.

Summit Entertainment / Via

15. And this thought has crossed your mind several times:

sometimes I wish I had more friends just so I could use #venmo 😂💸

16. You can't even deal with people who don't use Venmo.


17. And find it hard to have a civil conversation with someone who's never heard of it.

ABC / Via

18. You can't even be AROUND people who "don't trust" Venmo.

Universal Pictures

19. You can immediately identify your MVP (most-Venmo'ed player).

Bad Boy Entertainment / Via

20. You know your way around proper Venmo etiquette — i.e., not requesting that your friends Venmo you like two seconds after you've paid the dinner bill.


21. You understand what it means to "slide into someone's Venmo." :o

Warner Bros.

22. You might be starstruck if you ever met Lucas IRL.

Venmo / Via

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