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21 Tiny Self-Care Rituals That We Guarantee You Have Time To Do

Trust us: It's worth taking just a *little* bit of time to do these for yourself.

1. Write down one thing you're thankful for today.

2. Take a 10-minute walk — without staring at your phone or doing anything else but walking.

3. Make a schedule for how you'd like to spend tomorrow.

4. Give a jade roller a go in the morning.

5. Set aside one night a week (or every other week, or every month — whatever works for you!) to prepare your favorite meal from scratch.

6. Write one line a day in this Q&A a Day journal.

7. Take your meds and your vitamins every day.

8. Limit using your phone or laptop or watching TV to certain times — which can help prevent using them before bed.

9. And while you're at it, put your phone on Do Not Disturb before you go to sleep too.

10. Take a few minutes each day — whether that's before bed or on public transportation during your commute — to read a book, or anything that interests you.

11. Make your bed!

12. Use aromatherapy techniques to help you relax — whether that's turning on a diffuser to set the mood before bed or spraying your linens with a calming lavender spray.

13. You've probably heard this one before but: meditate!

14. Do your dishes before bed.

15. Schedule a regular massage or manicure or anything that centers you or puts a little pep in your step.

16. Make a pick-me-up playlist to listen to in the morning.

17. Commit to a skincare routine that works for you.

18. Spend some QT with your pets!

19. Listen to a podcast that covers something that interests or intrigues you — whether it's motivational, educational, or entertaining.

20. Don't take your electronics into the bathroom with you.

21. Take off your dang bra as soon as you get home.