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    21 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Take An Online Class For

    Some of the coolest classes you can take from the comfort of your home — no pants required. (PS: Tons of 'em are on sale!)

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    1. Learn how to start your own subscription-box business.

    Promising review: "This course was exactly what I needed to gain the confidence to start taking action and to make my subscription box dream a reality! I'd recommend it to anyone thinking of starting a subscription box business or with the desire to start their own business of any kind!" —Trevor Davis

    Enroll on Udemy for $9.99 (on sale, originally $19.99).

    2. Dive into the psychology of pups with a course on dog emotion and cognition to discover how they think and how they feel about us.

    Promising review: "Best online course I've taken regarding canine science. Starts off a little slow, but by week three, I was hooked. The information presented is exciting and relevant. And, the course left me with a greater hunger for knowledge, which I believe is the hallmark of an excellent learning experience."

    Enroll on Coursera for $49.

    3. Get a handle on the design basics of tiny houses and what you should know before you transition to the tiny-house life.

    Promising review: "Wow! There's A LOT of great information here, and it's just the first in the series. I appreciate how knowledgeable the presenter is, and that she updated the content based on changes to the building codes that could make it even easier to live in a Tiny House. Thanks! Looking forward to the rest of the series." —Morgan Fraser

    Enroll on Udemy for $9.99 (on sale, originally $39.99).

    4. Learn the art of performance — from none other than R&B icon Usher!

    Enroll on Masterclass for $90 or get an all-access pass to all classes on the site for $180/year.

    5. Try your hand at creating intricately designed French macarons, why don't you.

    Promising review: "Fantastic class! It’s really organized, very well explained and covers many essential techniques and decoration skills. I took the first macaron class created by this instructor (which is amazing), and this one complements it perfectly. I learned so much about working with royal icing, fondant, and modeling chocolate, and I really liked the big section about creating all sorts of unique patterns and textures. What’s really nice about these techniques is that many of them can be used to decorate not only macarons, but also cakes and desserts.I've taken other cookie decoration classes, including Craftsy's, but this one takes the cake." —Ashley Rubin

    Enroll on Udemy for $29.99 (on sale, originally $119.99).

    6. Learn best practices and tips for setting up your own Etsy shop and promoting it on social media.

    Promising review: "I love it! The course gets straight to the point and provides the user with a solid plan of action. I also love the detailed but quick explanation on Etsy SEO." —Dan Shannon

    Enroll on Udemy for $9.99 (on sale, originally $49.99).

    7. Become an amazing Airbnb host and discover how to make the most of your space and optimize your listing.

    Promising review: "Wow, I'm surprised to say that this guy's course is comparable to one I took that was charging $997! Love all his insider tips — you can tell he breathes, eats, sleeps Airbnb and is an absolute pro. The photos and listing optimizations tips are KILLER, and will pay for this course many times over with the increased bookings you'll get. So stoked to keep growing my Airbnb empire this year." —Sheri N

    Enroll on Udemy for $9.99 (on sale, originally $164.99).

    8. Learn the ins and outs of producing music for advertisements — so you can create the sounds that align with a brand's vision and understand the logistics of licensing and publishing rights.

    Enroll on Lynda for free for a 30-day trial; then get access to all classes on the site for $29.99/month.

    9. Explore the science of parenting and data that can help you make more informed parenting decisions.

    Enroll on EDX for free, or add a verified certificate for $49.

    10. Learn shooting, ball-handling, and scoring from the best in the biz: Stephen Curry, that is.

    Enroll on Masterclass for $90 or get an all-access pass to all classes on the site for $180/year.

    11. How about an essential guide to survival in the wilderness with nothing?

    Promising review: "The teacher in this course is incredibly knowledgable and thorough in teaching. I'm a avid outdoorsman and certified in wilderness first aid through NOLS and i got a lot out of this video. Well worth the time and money." —Michael Watson

    Enroll on Udemy for $9.99 (on sale, originally $164.99).

    12. Learn how to shoot a photo essay and create a story about an event with the images you produce — from documenting its early stages to capturing moments in full swing.

    Enroll on Lynda for free for a 30-day trial; then get access to all classes on the site for $29.99/month.

    13. Discover the science of beer — what's in it, how it's made and marketed, and the effect it has on your body.

    Enroll on EDX for free, or add a verified certificate for $49.

    14. Learn how to influence people and be more persuasive with your superiors, peers, and even subordinates — so you can become a more confident leader and presenter.

    Promising review: "I had never thought about influence as part of my professional toolkit and the positive impact it could have to my contribution as a member and/or leader of a team. This class had clear concepts and actionable items that I could put to work right away for the benefit of my organization."

    Enroll on Coursera for free for a seven-day trial; then get access for $49 after the trial ends.

    15. Explore the ethics of eating, and the issues you intrinsically face each time you decide what to eat.


    Enroll on EDX for free.

    16. Get on the road to fulfilling your dream of one day becoming a successful cruise-ship musician.

    Promising review: "Great course for a newbie planning to start working on the Cruise lines! Very useful tips from an experienced musician that has played and performed on these ships." —MusMan

    Enroll on Udemy for $9.99 (on sale, originally $59.99).

    17. Learn how to sell more products and build your brand at live events like festivals and concerts.

    Enroll on Udemy for $9.99 (on sale, originally $99.99).

    18. Get trained in dog CPR and pet first aid so you'll be able to come to your furry BFF's rescue when they need it — or apply these skills to your pet-centric biz.

    Promising review: "The instructor is clearly well versed in pet first aid, has had years of experience with animals, and is confident in her knowledge to teach effectively to others. She not only covers the immediate information one expects from a PFA course (CPR, wound dressing, first aid kit contents) but goes into depth on items one would not always think about concerning pet safety (visiting dog parks, pet-proofing a home, common items that lead to pet danger) and clears up misconceptions (all car harnesses are equally as good as any other)." —Amanda Hieb

    Enroll on Udemy for $9.99 (on sale, originally $74.99).

    19. Discover how to run an effective meeting — including planning, leading, and participating in informal and formal ones alike — to make them more productive and save time.


    Enroll on PluralSight for free for a 30-day trial; then get access to all classes on the site for $29/month.

    20. Learn how to make your own lotions, creams, and body butters — including how to choose the right carrier oil for your skin's needs.

    Promising review: "Excellent course. Great level of detail, explanations regarding ingredients, formulations, techniques, equipment, etc. Great instructor, obviously experienced and she is very easy to understand and follow. Course is engaging and kept my interest the whole time. Looking forward to making some of my own recipes." —Matthew Smith

    Enroll on Udemy for $9.99 (on sale, originally $64.99).

    21. And get tips from Reba McEntire on how to make great country music and navigate the biz.

    Enroll on Masterclass for $90 or get an all-access pass to all classes on the site for $180/year.

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