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    27 Things You Should Probably Avoid

    Oh, what a difference one letter can make.

    1. This event.

    2. This aisle at the supermarket.

    3. Hanging out in the kitchen of this eatery.

    4. Coming back to this home after 3 a.m.

    5. This sale, unless you have a whole lot of room in your car.

    6. Any empty pickling jars in this restaurant of terror.

    7. This invasive/unhygienic toilet.


    8. Whatever is happening here.

    9. This inclined rock, if you like to scat.

    10. These schools.

    11. And this one.

    12. This bowl of soup, for the love of god.

    13. This village.

    14. This desert menu.


    All the craps you can eat, but no water? Kind of impractical, guys.

    15. The chicken (fish?) at this place.

    16. Being anywhere near this guy.

    17. A12.

    18. This squalid EconoLodge.

    19. Using rugs, for fear of being reported.

    20. These soups.

    21. This potentially traumatizing dining establishment.

    22. A vacation here.

    23. A lesson from these teachers.

    24. This potentially dizzying dinner.

    25. Whatever's in these sketchy shots.

    26. Taking yourself seriously after winning this spelling bee.

    27. Being forced to make this harrowing decision.

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