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May 2016
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    emmyb41b224807 commented on Tell Us Your Best Advice For Parents Of NICU Babies

    My daughter was in the NICU for two weeks (she had a brain bleed, skull fracture and seizures due to a traumatic birth). I think it's important to remember to take care of yourself. As a mom you just went through some things physically and emotionally draining. It's okay to cry, but… 


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    emmyb41b224807 commented on 27 Workplace Microaggressions That'll Make You Ask "How'd They Even Get Hired?"

    My mom is black and white mixed. You can tell by looking at me but people find out it's always, "I could tell by your lips, your butt or the texture of your hair." What annoys me the most is when my husbands family, who is racist af, tries to tell a joke (mostly racist) they look… 


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    emmyb41b224807 commented on Selena Gomez Finally Responded To The Controversy Around "13 Reasons Why"

    And you're the exact reason why there needs to be less stigma on mental health. Until you've been there, you have no right to call anyone selfish or bully them for being bullied. You're acting like you understand, but your entire statement is full of ignorance.


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    emmyb41b224807 commented on Tell Us About A Romantic Gesture You've Tried Gone Wrong

    Before my husband and I were a couple, he thought it was be romantic to surprise kiss me. He whipped me around and started making out with me. I had no clue what was going on, not only was it my first kiss, it was my first make out session too. The kiss was sooo bad, I started licking… 


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