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Serial + Miley Cyrus = Amazing

Adnan Syed came in like a wrecking ball.

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Funny or Die / Via

It's Thursday, which for many people might as well be called 'Ohmygodnewepisodeofserialday'. That's what I've started to call it, anyway. Today's episode (seriously, what is the deal with Jay?) was out shined by yet another delightful creation inspired by the true crime podcast. This new Serial flotsam isn't a parody, though, it's a mashup.

Have you ever listened to that catchy, little Serial jingle and thought hmmm, you know what would make this better? Miley Cyrus vocals. No? Well, you're about to. Funny or Die teamed up with Chambaland to blissfully join Serial's theme song with Miley's mega hit Wrecking Ball. The mash up is streaming exclusively on Funny or Die and listening to it will be the most worthwhile thing you do all day. Yes, that does include actually listening to episode eight of Serial.

I will warn you , though. You must prepare yourself for the inevitable. You will never be able to listen to Wrecking Ball or Serial the same way ever again.

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