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10 People You See In Every Facebook Debate

An overview of the many characters that come into play in Facebook debates.

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1. The Passive-Agressive Liker / Via

Adds nothing to the conversation, but still shows you whose side they're on by liking certain comments.

2. The Outright Racist Relative

NBC / Via

*facepalm* These people are usually just ignored. Everyone has one.

3. The Emotionally Outraged

Circle Films Working / Title Films

These folks can hardly put their emotions into words because of how strongly they disagree with everything you're saying.

4. The "Don't Debate on Facebook" Debaters

Bravo / Via

They just can't stand the idea of people expressing their opinions on controversial matters, so they decide to voice their opinions about it.

5. The Peanut Gallery

NBC / Via

Known for completely irrelevant interjections such as "Shots fired!" and "Got 'emmmm."

6. The Voice of Reason

Lucasfilms / Via

There are usually at least two of them in any given debate. They post extremely lengthy comments with really big words. They're generally respectable.

7. The Uncomfortable Joker

IMF Internationale Medien und Film / C2 Pictures / Via

Someone who comes in with a joke to try and "lighten the mood" when things get too confrontational. "Why so serious?"

8. The "Nobody Got Time for This"

Warner Bros. / Via

"I'm not going to waste my time debating this on Facebook" is a common statement.

9. The Radical

Paramount Pictures / Via

You tend to agree with them until they drop a bomb that completely discredits every opinion they stated previously. Yikes.

10. The Latecomer

NBC / Via

After a debate finally dies down, the latecomer shows up with their lengthy post and no one is having it. Most often, it goes completely ignored. Facebook debates tend to expire fairly quickly. You missed it, man.

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