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15 Reasons 2015 Is The Year Of The Turtleneck

Don't be a loser...jump on the fashion trend

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2. Hide hickeys

If you're into that then just put on a turtleneck; I don't need to know that your neck has been ravaged by someone unless that someone is James or Dave Franco or both...then yes I need to

3. Keep your neck warm

This seems simple enough, but sometime a scarf just won't do (and if we are being honest although scarfs have been in fashion for as long as I have been alive, I'm calling it...scarfs out turtle necks in 2k15)

4. Look older

If you are ever trying to sneak into something or just look older in general no one will stereotype you as younger than your actual age if you are wearing a turtleneck. It's an automatic add 5 years.

6. Be taken seriously in a library

Librarians can be judgmental, but if you slap on a turtleneck your in. It's like a secret code, they automatically think you'll be well behaved, and even if you do dick around a little in the library they won't care because you're wearing a turtleneck.

13. The 90's are coming back into fashion

Chokers, high waisted jeans, "uh as if." What is this...this is the 90's, but also this is the fashionable right now. Turtlenecks are the natural step in confirming that you are in fact a child of the 90's and no one can bring you down.

15. You can prove to your friends that they never went out of style

Some of my friends make fun of me that I own a turtleneck...but as everyone can now see the joke is on them because turtlenecks are the things of 2015. YEAR OF THE TURTLENECK!!!!!!

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